Crystal Swirls

Crystal Swirls come in different sizes, and colours with different options to add on. 

Swirls are available in many colours and can be custom made to match a theme or specific colour. 

The 3 sizes available are;

Large, which has approx. 300+ crystals and beads.

Medium, which has approx.200+ crystals and beads.

Regular, which has approx. 100+ crystals and beads

With options to add on Crystal chandelier hanging crystals and a Feng Shui Prism Crystal either in 20mm or 30mm.

This piece is beautiful on it's own in a window, on a patio, or even above a crib.

The swirl does not have any mechanism to make it turn, it will however turn on it's own with a light tap. it will continue to turn for several minutes on it's own.

If you would like to have a Swirl made custom please contact me at

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