Add REIKI to your item(s) for a small fee

Add REIKI to your item(s) for a small fee

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This option allows anyone who buys an item to purchase Reiki, as an add on to their order. 

REIKI, is universal energy and can be found and given to anyone and anything.  Einstein stated that, “Everything is Energy,” Since everything is made of Energy you can give energy to people, pets and Items, such as food, plants, rocks, and physical items. 

Reiki is unconditional universal energy, it is used to treat peopel from illness, and to help those recovering from illness or surgery.  Studies have show it's benefits when Reiki is given before and after surgery, and cancer patients have even been known to see a difference when receiving Reiki. It is just another way to bring in positive healing energy to you even if you do not need it for an illness. Reiki can be given to your food, the food will last longer, some will even say it tastes better, and its nutrition value will also increase. Giving Reiki to items, such as plants, plants have been known to grow faster, and if it is a flowering plant it will flower or flourish more often.  Semi Precious stones, and glass crystals, will absorb the Reiki energy and release it can when it is needed. Since the stones and crystals have their own energy the Reiki will not only enhance their energetic powers and provide a more positive energy with unconditional love to your item(s) and anyone around it. 

You will receive a certificate of Receipt of REIKI from us as proof that you have received REIKI for your purchased items.