Black Onyx Pendant

Black Onyx Pendant

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Black Onyx

A powerful protection, it will absorb and transforms negative energies. Helps prevent the drain of personal energy. Aids in the development of physical and emotional strength and stamina. Black Onyx is a good stone to help with stress, confusion, grief and negative thoughts. This stone is a grounding stone that works well with your Root Chakra and promotes inner balance.  

Helps in times of enormous mental and physical stress. Centering your energy and aligning it with a higher power, accessing higher guidance.

Aids in learning lessons, self confidence, and facilitating you in being the master of your own destiny. Helps banish old habits and brings stability to any relationship that may need it or will give strength when it’s time to move on.

A great stone for past life work and healing old injuries and physical trauma affecting the present life. Will anchor anyone who has a habit of going into flight mode when issues arise.

    Comes with Silver Plated chain, either 16", 18" or 22"

    Or with a black faux leather (plain and braided available)