White Howlite Pendant

White Howlite Pendant

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White Howlite

Howlite in its natural form is white with grey veins, it is often dyed blue and green to make it look like Turquoise, or red to resemble coral. It is super-calming stone and many people use it to relive stress of all kinds. It is said to work great for those suffering from anxiety. 

Howlite is a stone that helps you get a better understanding of one’s self, promoting wisdom and enlightenment. Focusing on a piece of Howlite can assist in meditation or even journeying outside the body and gain insight from past lives. Placed on the Third Eye, it is said to open memories of previous times and lifetimes. Place a Howlite stone in your pocket to absorb anger and any other negative energy. It helps overcome being over critical of yourself. It aids with anxiety and promotes calmness. Is also a very powerful stone in helping one through a stressful and emotional time. The energies of Howlite are said to strengthen your positive character traits. Your strengths will be your driving force and your weakness will be your inspiration to become better!

Howlite at work, aids in helping you find the words, and be able to vocalize them in an efficient and professional manner.

Found in Canada, Russia, USA, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Pakistan, Turkey 

    Comes with Silver Plated chain, either 16", 18" or 22"

    Or with a black faux leather (plain and braided available)