Crystal Angel

Crystal Angel

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Crystal Angels Crystal coloured wings with a Feng Shui Prism.  Angel wings come in a variety of colours.They also come in two sizes, Small (20MM prism) and Large (30MM prism).

The Crystal Angels heads are Clear Quartz for the Large Angels and a Czech Crystal for the small Angels, the wings are made of coloured glass crystal and the base is made of a mixture of Clear Quartz and different hardening solutions to give it the hard surface in order to create the Feng Shui facet cuts.

Clear Quartz is said to be a very powerful healing stone and able to cleanse and align and bring balance to your chakras. It is a protection stone against negative energy and promote spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is also known to amplify positive healing energies and intention.

In addition, the Feng Shui Prism is said to promote positive CHI Energy when placed in direct Sunlight. This is said to bring in good energy, cleanse the space of any negative energy and promote overall well being, peace and tranquility. Not to mention when the light captures the crystals, it creates beautiful reflections across any space.

Angels symbolize a divine presence, guardian angel, a loved one, who watches over you. A symbol of Luck, Love, Enlightenment, Victory, Protection, & Freedom. Plato believed Angel wings symbolized Intelligence and Understanding. Other believed it awakened a sense of clarity, a higher evolution of the soul. Provide Guidance, Protection from evil, a messenger of dreams, of impulse, of movement. The wings are said to be the expression to the aspiration of the soul. They symbolize Courage, Compassion, Purity, Hope, Faith, Renewal, and Perseverance.

Can be hung in a window, above a bed, in a car, etc...

The colours have a symbolic meaning aswell, see chart below:



Balance Attributes

Physical Issue



Stability, Grounding

Legs & Feet


Sacral Chakra


Reproduction Organs


Solar Plexus

Self Esteem

Intestines & Stomach


Heart Chakra


Heart & Circulation


Throat Chakra


Throat, Lungs, Sinuses & Thyroid


Third Eye Chakra


Eyes & Ears


Crown Chakra

Divine Connection



 For an additional fee you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath. Please see Under our "Collections" tab, 'REIKI Healing', you can find an option to add REIKI to your order.