Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Pendant

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Lapis Lazuli

Natural semi precious stone Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought-after stones since the beginning of mankind. Lapis Lazuli was used by Michelangelo to paint the Vatican’s ceiling, he used it to create the blue-sky colour. In ancient times the Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli for many things, they believed the stone was associated with Strength, Courage Royalty, Wisdom, Intellect and Truth. Lapis Lazuli works well with anyone who is a water sign. Zodiac signs that assimilate well with Lapis Lazuli are, Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius.

Encouraging self-awareness, aids in self expression, helps in revealing the truth providing qualities of Honesty, Compassion and morality. Bringing clarity, and encourages creativity. Lapis aids in inspiring confidence to speak one’s truth when needed to confront an issue.

Vibrating at a frequency that is aligned with your Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. This stone is especially good to help you find your inner truth and unblock any issues related to those chakras.

Comes with Silver plated chain, either 16", 18" or 22"

Or with a black faux leather (plain and braided available)