"Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright!"- Unknown

I've always been drawn to sparkle, the creative and mystical side of life always seemed to capture my attention- Ancient Chinese culture believed that reflections created by crystals and the sun attracted positive Chi (energy). Sunlight channeled by crystals created this type of Chi to promote healing, tranquility and happiness.

Bellizza Design started while I was on bed rest during my pregnancy. I was in the midst of designing my daughter's room - searching for a baby mobile that was unique, and that she could also grow up with. When I came across what I thought was a crystal mobile. Only to be disappointed that it was made of plastic :( 

It was then that I decided to try and make one for her myself, but by using REAL crystals :) I already knew about the holistic benefits of crystals and the energy it promotes but I felt that by using real crystals it would add a beautiful personal touch to her room. 

Once I created the mobile and installed it near her crib, I immediately fell in love with its beauty and elegance. To my surprise, some positive outcomes arose from my daughter. When I would lightly tap the mobile, it would gently dance and twinkle. I noticed that this would soothe and calm her. The dancing crystals in the light mesmerized her, causing her to fall asleep in 15 minutes or less. She began to understand that the dancing crystals meant that it was nap time and she seemed to look forward to it too! I was delighted that she connected so well with the crystal mobile, I had accomplished my goal!

Witnessing the experience that my daughter had and continues to undergo with that piece, inspired me to create a collection with a holistic natural approach as well as positive health and spiritual benefits

I began to create more of these crystal mobiles for friends and family members. Before I knew it, my hobby slowly began to flourish into a pop-up company at local fairs and the demand for new designs grew quickly. 

What started out with just baby mobiles, then grew to different collections and they continue to expand! 

We now have The Ballerina Collection for the tutu mobiles, aimed at themed rooms that the child can grow up with. 

The Zen Collection for the natural holistic minded. Featuring natural genuine stones, such as amethyst, quartz and many more. 

The Dreamweaver Collection are handmade dream catchers that are structured with tree and vine branches, then they are adorned with hanging crystals and feathers. 

The Family Tree Collection pieces are heirloom Sun Catchers, unique for each family to share. In addition, we offer Crystal Tokens to embellish small spaces like a car or something special to carry with you. Our bookmarks, key-clips, key-chains to pendants continue to be popular universal gifts. 

We are now excited to offer all of our pieces to you anywhere and anytime through this site! 

We started out with making each piece by hand and now our shop has expanded to include more natural healing items. Whether you believe in the soothing benefits of crystals, they are undeniably captivating, no matter the age or the gender. A little extra light and sparkle adds wonder to our lives!

Throughout this adventure I also started to embark on another path, to better myself, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I started with meditation and later took Reiki courses.  Reiki is a form of energy healing, also know as Chi energy used by monks, nuns, priests, shamans, nurses, and other healers.  It has been proven to promote wellness, lower blood pressure and help heal any physical aliments aswell as create an overall calmness within.  Each Design created at Bellizza Design can be given Reiki, blessed with Chi energy; universal love and light, to bring in a positive and healing energy specifically to you.

Stefania Arrizza

Bellizza Design