Amethyst Amulet Crystal Wreath Sun Catcher

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Real Amethyst Amulet in a 6" grapevine twig wreath with clear crystals that delicately hang. Real Amethyst stones is said to have healing properties. This stone helps with grief, and personal loss. It's also said to be a stone that has calming energy which promotes tranquility, harmony, peacefulness and happiness. It's well known to be a stone that promotes clarity and is often used as the 7th chakra stone. Excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It is also known as a protection stone, protecting against negative energy. At the same time bringing emotional stability and inner strength. This is a stone often used to help with all types of sobriety and obsessive behavior of any kind aswell as aid those suffering from Anxiety.

The Clear Crystals are known to promote good Chi (Energy) when the light is captured, creating reflections across any space. Positive energy, Peace, Harmony and Happiness is said to follow. Bring Good Luck to your space

It hangs about 15" long and is 6" wide.

Please note that The Amethyst Amulet is are Genuine Stone Crystals and The Clear Crystals are glass crystal.

For an additional fee you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath.