Angel Wing Bookmark

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Angel Wing Bookmark has an array of sliver gray and clear crystals with an angel wing charm on the end. The wing represents a loved one, or Guardian angel, a simple reminder that we always have someone with us to protect and guide us. Made with real crystals guaranteed to sparkle!

"Angel Wing Symbolizes a divine presence, guardian angel, a loved one, who watches over you. A symbol of Luck, Love, Enlightenment, Victory, Protection, & Freedom. Plato believed an Angel Wing symbolized Intelligence and Understanding. Other believed it awakened a sense of clarity, a higher evolution of the soul. Provide Guidance, Protection from evil, a messenger of dreams, of impulse, of movement. Wings are said to be the expression to the aspiration of the soul. They symbolize Courage, Compassion, Purity, Hope, Faith, Renewal, and Perseverance."

All purchases come with a description note, like the one above, with the meaning and benefits of this product.

Available in two sizes;

Large is 5" in lenght

Small is 3.5" in lenght

For an additional fee you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath. Please see Under our "Collections" tab, 'REIKI Healing', you can find an option to add REIKI to your order.