Green Aventurine Pendant

Green Aventurine Pendant

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Green Aventurine

Very positive stone, comforter, all-around healer, harmonizer bringing in well being and emotional calm. This stone will help you to establish what truly makes you happy or unhappy. This stone aids with compassion, empathy and perseverance, brings stability.

It is also known as a protector and guards against energy vampire (people who drain you of your energy)

Works in alignment with your Heart Chakra bringing balance. Absorbs electromagnetic smog, diffuses negative situations and turns things around. Helps build leadership and stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. Has been said to help settles nausea, dissolves negative emotions and thoughts, brings in emotional calmness.

Aventurine comes in brown, blue and green. Green Aventurine has a frequency that is aligned with the natural flow of the Heart Chakra, which is why this one is specifically great for unblocking any issues you may have with your Heart Chakra.

Aventurine is most commonly found in Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet & Nepal.

Comes with Silver Plated chain, either 16", 18" or 22"

Or with a black faux leather (plain and braided available)