Chakra Coloured Crystal Wreath with Feng Shui Prism and hanging crystals

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This beautiful Chakra wreath has 7 Coloured crystals to emanate the chakra colors with a 30mm Feng Shui Prism crystal pending from the center. Below the wreath hangs 12 clear Crystals, three sets of four. This beautiful wreath Sun Catcher not only creates beautiful reflections across any space but brings tranquility and calmness. The Feng Shui Prism is said to bring good luck, cleanse a space of negative energy and bring in positive energy. The chakra colors are believed to help promote healing energy and balance your chakras. Aids in meditation by focusing on the colors and taking deep breaths to relax and bring calmness.

Dimensions of the wreath are 6" in diameter and entire piece approx.18" long

Colors and Chakra names

Red - Root Chakra
Orange - Sacral Chakra
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
Green - Heart Chakra
Blue - Throat Chakra
Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
White/Clear - Crown Chakra

For an additional charge you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath.