Feng Shui Crystal Mobile Sun Catcher

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This Mobile has 32 Crystals that hang elegantly around the Feng Shui Crystal Pendant that hangs in the center of the 6" grapevine twig wreath. This piece is approximately 9" in length and is 6" wide.

'The Feng Shui Prism is said to bring good luck, cleanse a space of negative energy and bring in positive energy. Feng Shui uses the Crystal Sphere, a symbol of the earth element, to adjust the flow of energy and activate any area instantly. When hung in a window, Crystals can bring good energy from the outside in. They also create rainbows that bring precious Yang energy into the home.'

All purchases come with a description note, like the one above, with the meaning and benefits of this product.

All mobiles come with over a meter of wire to allow you to hang it to your preferred height.

*These Mobiles are made with real glass crystal and are NOT PLASTIC

For an additional fee you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath.