Evil Eye Hamsa Crystal Suncatcher

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"Hamsa symbolizes to the holder protection from all negative energies, most commonly negative energy, being jealousy, envy, &/or any ill thoughts or wishes.  Brings Good Luck to the holder.

Evil Eye is best known to protect the owner from Any Evil, and bring Happiness, Good Fortune and Luck to the holder."

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This Wreath is 3" wide and approximately 12" long.

This piece comes with 9 hanging crystals and a crystal above the Evil Eye Hamsa Protection Charm. The Clear Glass Crystals create Positive CHI energy in the space with beautiful reflections promoting tranquility, peace and bring harmony to those around.

For an additional fee you can add REIKI, positive CHI, also known as universal healing energy, to your crystal wreath. Please see Under our "Collections" tab, 'REIKI Healing', you can find an option to add REIKI to your order.