OM Pendant with Chakra colours

OM Pendant with Chakra colours

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OM Chakra Pendant - OM is a mantra, these mantras are more about the vibrational content than the meaning. The sound OM is a vibration from which all the manifest universe emanates. Form and creation come from vibration. OM is the most elemental of vibrations. It is the sound of the void. It is said that, Om is the prime mantra of the Higher Self or Atman. It attunes us with our true nature. It is the sound of the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe, who is also the inner guru and prime teacher. It reflects both the manifest and un-manifest Brahman, sustaining the vibration of being, life, and consciousness in all worlds and all creatures. -

Incorporating all the colour of the Chakras will help bring balance and inner peace. Promoting natural healing through colour therapy.  

These beautiful Om pendants come with a chain or faux leather necklace.

Each pendant has a diameter of 3.2 cm

  • Silver plated chain 16” in length
  • Silver plated chain 18” in length
  • Silver Plated chain 22” in length
  • Braided Black faux leather 18” in length
  • Black faux leather 18” in length