Pink Angel 'Louise' Crystal

Pink Angel 'Louise' Crystal

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PINK ANGEL 'LOUISE' Crystals are back, for a limited time!

These pink crystal Angels symbolize, Hope, Courage, Strength, Love, and Empathy. A gentle reminder that a guardian angel is watching over you, or that a loved one is near. Let's send positive thoughts and love to all those affected by breast cancer. Help spread the Love.

These Angels are made with clear quartz(Large) and Czech crystal (small), pink glass and a Feng Shui crystal prism base which is said when placed in a window with direct sun it will cleanse the space of negative energy, brings in positive energy, good luck and abundance. The Clear Quartz is believed to help promote balance, good health, and can amplify energy and intention. It will also create positive Chi energy in the space with beautiful reflections promoting tranquility, peace and bring harmony to those around. ... (Click Donate to see more)

The Angels can be hung in a window, car, tree, above a bed, just about anywhere you'd like. 

Angel Louise was created in memory of a dear friend who lost her life at the young age of 42 to breast cancer, (Oct 26 - November 18, 1997). I continue to do this campaign for all those still affected and who continue to fight against cancer in general.

BELLIZZA Let's help find a CURE! Together we can make a difference ❤😇 Available ONLY until December 31st, 2020.

Small angels with a minimum donation of $17 each

Large angels with a minimum donation of $20 each

All profits towards these Crystal Angels will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Foundation.

Click on Donate now to purchase your Angel 😇 and Donate to a much needed cause. 

If you are in the Montreal area delivery options available for locals for a minimum fee see at check out. 

Pick Up locations listed below:

Spa Munari - 3563 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3C4

Other locations to be announced...